Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lennon Birthday Come Together Oct 9th

Glenn Kidd grew up corrupted at an early age with an array of music courtesy of his brother Phil Feit (bassist for Billy Idol & Joan Jett)
Glenn spent the late 80's to mid-90's, recording and performing with a variety of artists and bands such as "Masquerade", & "The Hedgehogs," and in 1991 became a solo artist showcasing his music at many infamous nightclubs such as; The Lions Den, Speakeasy's, Kenny's Castaways, Mercury Lounge, and Danceteria in his hometown of New York City
Most Famous Rockn'Roll Outlaw, Musician, Writer, Educator and Social Activist, Peel was one and only guy produced by John Lennon for Apple records, So History Speak itself, David Peel will be touring Europe in The fall Headlining large music festival in Berlin Germany and other notable venues. I guess John Lennon Forever will be played OCt 9th.

Band is Entering Grammy's this year in 3 categories
Best Contemporary Blues Album
Best Produced Album
And Album Of The Year.
Band is coming with new and biting album. Native Belgrader adopted New Yorker, Sean always had Guerrilla Music approach that helped him and his band surviving competitive New York Music market. They just recently played BB King's club at Times Square, and will be on the tour in Europe this fall.

Dylan Byrne TreeUnion
Once upon a time there was a boy named Dylan who grew up by the ocean. He then moved to the big city and began his adventure in music. He loves nothing more than writing and performing and hopes to spread positive energy and optimism by doing so. Dylan's band, TreeUnion, play a mix of acoustic, rock, folk, and reggae, and focus on positivity, dreams, nature, political, environmental, and social awareness, peace, love, and life. Dylan likes apple juice.