Friday, July 13, 2007

OASIS vs BLUR in Spetember!

Oasis and Blur, two massively successful bands being called, respectively, the new Stones and the new Beatles. That's pure hype, of course, but bad-boys Oasis and cute-as-a-button Blur
Though both bands are highly derivative, they draw from two of the most exciting periods in rock n' roll. Oasis recall the British Invasion of the 60's, while Blur take inspiration from the UK new wave scene of the 80's. Given the reheated 70's rock that clogs the airwaves these days, Oasis' solid melodies and Blur's clean harmonies are a breath of fresh air. As analogies go, however, Oasis are really the new Small Faces, while Blur are the new Kinks--just to put things in perspective.
The Streamers New York City based band Sharing same influences as Oasis and Blur but also playing their repertoire as well as Stone Roses, Verve, Charlatans and some other notable acts of golden era of Brit-Pop, put whole excitement on stage for huge number of fans who enjoy another good pure Rock'n'Roll revival.
The Streamers recently released new record called Strawberry Fields Revisited. Hit Single titled same as the album Strawberry Fields Revisited is dedicated to Strawberry Fields in New York and spirit of John Lennon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007